About Us

Welcome to BEASTGENIX!

BEASTGENIX is owned and operated by a OCB Wellness Pro Competitor and Proud Mommy! For a long time, this has been a dream of mine. It has been a goal that I set for myself back in July/August of 2020 by writing it down in my planner. It was written down with the other goal of competing in my 1st bodybuilding show in the Wellness Division, winning 3rd place. Little did I know that this year would be the year I started it. Certain ones around me knew about it because I have a passion for what this brand stands for! Every moment that I’ve spent working on this has been worth it. I didn't always know how, but I believed in myself and had faith in my abilities. When I started writing down a lot of thoughts, researching, and asking questions, my vision became clearer. I thank God for allowing these doors to open as they have throughout this year and a half to get me to this point. Having a history in retail and customer service, I will choose to serve each one of y’all greatly!


Our Mission: Promoting a Healthy and Active Lifestyle